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AOR AR-8600MK2

Computergestuurde ontvanger

Draagbare desktop breedband ontvanger/scanner. 

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AR8600 Mark2 specificaties:

Frequency Range:               100 kHz to 3000 MHz
Receive Modes:                   WFM, NFM, SFM, WAM, AM, NAM, USB, LSB, CW Sensitivity: 100 kHz ~ 1.9 MHz AM: 2.5 µV (10dB S/N)
                                                1.9 MHz ~ 30 MHz AM: 2.0 µV (10dB S/N)
                                                30 MHz ~ 470 MHz AM: 1.5 µV (10dB S/N)
                                                NFM: 0.7 µV (12dB SINAD) WFM: 1.0 µV (12dB SINAD)
                                                470 MHz ~ 1040 MHz NFM: 0.6 µV (12dB SINAD)
                                                1040 MHz ~ 2040 MHz NFM: 3.5 µV (12dB SINAD)
                                                2040 MHz ~ 3000 MHz NFM: 10 µV (12dB SINAD)
Selectivity:                               SSB/NAM 3kHz (-6dB), 9kHz (-60dB)
                                                 AM/SFM 9kHz (-6dB), 20kHz (-40dB)
                                                 WAM/NFM 12kHz (-6dB), 25kHz (-40dB)
                                                 WFM 150kHz (-3dB), 380kHz (-40dB)
Aerial connection:                  50 OHM BNC
Audio output:                          800mW (8 OHMS) MAX @ 10% THD. Internal speaker, rear chassis 3.5mm socket, front panel 3.5mm socket
Power Consumption:                400mA typical usage, 70mA on standby. 10.8 - 16V d.c. negative ground
                                                  9.6V from optional internal BP8600 NiCad
Operating temperature range:  -5 to +50°C
Dimensions:                               155(W) x 57(H) x 195(D) mm excluding projections
Weight:                                      2kg approx (MW bar aerial included)
Memory channels:                     1,000 (20 banks)
Select scan channels:               50
Priority channels:                       1
Search banks:                           40
PASS channels:                        50 per search bank + 50 for VFO search
Scan/Search Rate:                    37 increments per second maximum

Optionele accessories

Slot cards:
VI8200:  Voice inverter (analogue), in 157 steps
CT8200: CTCSS squelch & search.
TE8200: Tone eliminator in 256 steps
RU8200: Chip based recording and playback, 20 seconds approx. with continuous loop
EM8200: External extended memory, backup 4,000 memories, 160 search banks
CR5000: tape recording lead
DC8600: d.c. lead with cigar plug
BP8600: optional internal NiCad batterypack, provides about two hours of operation, requires workshop fitting
MM8600: wrap around mobile mount
MF2.5 substitute Collins SSB mechanical filter, requires workshop fitting
MF6 substitute Collins AM mechanical filter, requires workshop fitting

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