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BHI Noise Eliminating DSP/Amp. Module

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NEDSP1062-KBD Noise Eliminating Amplified DSP module

U kunt uw bestaaande speaker upgraden tot een versterkte DSP Noice cancelling speaker met deze, eenvoudig te installeren, bedrade module.

Beschikbaar voor diverse merken passieve speakers.

De NEDSP1062-KBD noise cancelling module combineert DSP noise cancelling met een onboard versterker.

It has an integral microcontroller connected to a small pcb assembly which controls the modules functions via the small push buttons. The module can easily be retrofitted into the loudspeaker audio path any passive extension speaker, like the Kenwood SP31, Yaesu SP8 and Icom SP20/21/23 etc. It could also be used to ‘revive’ your old receiver/transceiver by fitting the module into the speaker path of your equipment (space permitting). The module is supplied with Generic Instructions, a fused DC power lead, fitting kit and specific fitting guides for the Kenwood SP31 and Yaesu SP8. Other installation guides for the following speakers:

  • Yaesu SP8
  • Kenwood SP-31
  • Icom SP-20 Installation Information
  • Yasu SP2000 Installation Information
  • Ten Tec model 307B external speaker cabinet


  • 8 levels noise cancellation (selectable)
  • Fully adaptive noise cancellation up to 35dB
  • Audio bypass when switched off
  • Virtually no distortion to the speech
  • Frequency response 50Hz - 4.3KHz
  • Visual and audible indication of DSP level
  • Input and Output level controls
  • 3 watts output (4 ohms)
  • Small size 37 x 50mm
  • 12 - 18VDC voltage supply range
  • Supplied with fitting kit, labels, fused dc power lead and install instructions.

The module is inserted into the target circuit in line with the loudspeaker. The power connector is prewired, and corresponding fused power lead is supplied. The control keyboard is mounted in a convenient location, and finished with a supplied matt black profession label.

The NEDSP1062-KBD comes complete with fitting instructions for Kenwood SP31 and Yaesu SP8 speakers, along with generic instructions for most other types of passive extension speaker.

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